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How to avoid hearing loss?

Hearing loss can be sudden, or gradual, occurring over a period of days, weeks or years., Infection, trauma, changes in the atmospheric pressure, and earwax buildup or impaction can cause a sudden loss of hearing. Infection and inflammation
often follow an upper respiratory infection or trauma of the ear, such as overuse or improper use of cotton swabs. Bathing or swimming in water that is overly chlorinated or contain high high levels of bacteria or fungi can also lead to ear infection.

Aging is the major factor in loss of ability to hear the full range of frequencies in every day communication and very common among people over age 65. This is called in medical term as presbycusis caused by a change of blood supply to the ear
due to heart disease, some diabetic conditions or circulatory problems.

Take measures to reduce your cholesterol level as studies suggest that people with high cholesterol levels have greater hearing loss as they age than people with normal cholesterol levels. You can minimize the level of hearing loss as you grow
older if you reduce your exposure to loud noises in the earlier years of your life. Hearing can also be improved with proper diet and supplement. If you are prone to ear infections, wear ear plugs while swimming. If you are planning to become pregnant be sure to have a vaccine of German measles or you had acquired the disease. If you need to be vaccinated, you must guard against becoming pregnant for at least 3 months to avoid the risk of serious birth defect such as hearing loss. Any hearing loss that does not resolve on its own within 2 weeks should be evaluated by ENT specialist. Some of the symptoms of hearing loss can be a sign of a serious health problems that requires treatment.

Some researchers say that in addition to causing hear loss, constant exposure to noise may lead to impaired vision, impotence, heart disease, psychological disorders, and other health problems. The average rock concert or stereo headset
set at full blast (about 100 decibels) can damage your hearing in as little as half an hour. Similar damage can occur after about 2 hours in a video game arcade.

How to do a self test for hearing loss.- Rub your thumb and index finger together a few inches from your ear. If you can hear a scratching sound, your hearing is probably intact. If not, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Consult a Doctor or an Audiologist for further evaluation.

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