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Monitor your Blood Pressure

Yesterday I asked my nursing student friend to measure my blood pressure because I felt dizzy and tired. Another thing also is that I ate lots of pork, beefs and other red meat.

Since we have a history of hypertension, I always make it sure that from time to time, I measure my BP especially that I am more than 30 years of age. Heart attack and stroke is related to High Blood Pressure so if your family has this kind of disease then you much always watch out for yourself.

As much as possible eat a healthy foods like high fiber foods like vegetables and fruits. Avoid oily foods and meat like pork and other red meat.

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felix said...

I do get prehypertension readings once in a while and its hard to sustain a 120/80 mmHG BP when you're so fond of fatty and salty foods. Yes, it would be to your heart's benefit to monitor your BP regularly and as often as you can. I also heard that flax seed can help lower BPs because of its Omega 3 fatty acid content. Now if one is overweight, this could also help in weight loss.

Learn more about flax seed and its health benefits from this site:


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