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No to wombs for rent

Recently BBC news (on Mozilla FireFox) featured the story of a mother who produced extra eggs (biological meaning) for deep-freeze, reasoning that she knew her grand daughter would be infertile (owing to something she lacked biologically) and wanted this granddaughter to have the option of pregnancy when the time came. No to wombs for rent as it became a USA source of money especially to wives whose husbands are working overseas as soldiers

The story provoked various reactions and the one I wish to quote here (because it corresponds with my own feelings) is that
1) it is possible for infertile women/couples to adopt babies/children who can give them as much joy as biological offspring would, and
2) a person or couple can lead full and happy lives with or without children.

Personally I cringed at the news because I think the grandmother had crossed an ethical line. As the Jews say, "Yahweh giveth and Yahweh taketh away, blessed be the name of Yahweh", meaning, God is creator, and though we are co-creators, there are limits to this.

Second, I do not wish to harp on the fact that centuries of colonialism has plundered our country of its natural resources, leaving poverty, destitution and a colonial mentality in its wake. But womb-renting as a way to make a living? It is too much convoluted and the ethics of it (sounds too close to body-renting which is what
prostituted women, and men, do; or to organ-selling, whether voluntary or coerced).

What I unequivocally object to is the com modification of a woman's life-giving abilities, reduced to for-rent status to the highest bidder. Jod, a person is integral, body, mind, spirit and pregnancy engages all of this in a woman--one doesn't just get pregnant, birth the baby and carry on as if nothing had happened. Gestation and pregnancy affect women in the most profound ways, some feel
fulfilled, others are hit with post-par tum depression. It is cruel to subject women to bearing life in their bodies they will have nothing to do with ever after, even if it is their own decision. Wombs-for-rent is not simply an issue of informed consent, it goes much deeper than that.

Finally, just because surrogate motherhood is, in fact, a reality in many places does not mean we should trade in it. Because we live in a capitalist world, there always is the possibility of surrogate motherhood (any good or service for the right price) but I think, there should at least be discussion and debate on the full
implications of this on individual women, on couples (what does spouse say?), on families, on communities, on generations of women.

Sorry, that was a mouthful but I do not think gestation and pregnancy should be among the goods and services ready to hand in this capitalist world, or any world for that matter. (And I haven't even discussed patriarchy yet.)

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