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Soy products are complete protein

Soy products are complete protein. Protein is essential for growth and development. It provides the body with energy, and is needed for the manufacture of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, and tissues. it also helps maintain the acid-alkali
balance in the body. When protein is consumed, the body breaks down into amino acids, the building blocks of all proteins.

Amino acids are both essential and non essential. I don't have to go on further details about this. To understand how vital amino acids are, you must understand how essential proteins are to life. It is protein that provide structures for all
living things. Proteins are necessary part of every living cell in the body. In the human body protein substances make up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair and many vital body fluids, and are essential for the growth of bones.

Amino acids also enables vitamins and minerals to perform their job properly. All Soy bean products such as tofu, soy milk, soy oil, soy flour, soy-based meat products are complete protein and they contain the essential amino acids and other nutrients. They are healthful ways to complement the meatless diet.

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