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What do you know about Rosemary and Thyme?


Rosemary is not only a beautiful name like the song that goes 'Oh Rosemary, I love you, I'm always dreaming of you". Rosemary is an herb, a lovely plant with slightly curved leaves that resembles like pine needles. In ancient Greece, rosemary was prized for its alleged ability to strengthen the brain and memory. Students braided
rosemary twigs on their hair to help them with their exams. Rosemary is also known as the herb of remembrance and was often placed on the graves of English heroes.

Fresh rosemary is wonderful stuffed in fish other than lemon grass (tanglad) or sprinkled on leg of lamb or meat goat. It add zest to soup and can be used with any meat or poultry or fowl if you decide to have one.

Thyme is also of mint family and a perennial plant. I wonder what happen to mine, it didn't continue to grow after a few season, only the mint that no matter what I did to stop growing, it keeps coming back.Thyme leaves are very small and the plant will not grow higher than 18 inches. The best and most flavorful is the french thyme. It symbolized courage. Thyme can be added to stews and sausage meat, and place some under the skin of a chicken before roasting. Most of the time dry thyme is as good as fresh. It reminds me way back when I was still married.

I marinated my barbecue
of chicken and steak with that herbs and a lot of other stuff. As per my
ex-husband, a young lad spent 2 hours looking the whereabouts of that
smell, and finally was able to locate where my ex-husband was barbecuing. He
begged to have a piece of that barbecue as he said the smell was heavenly
and he was drooling to have a taste of it. My ex-husband gave him a piece of the barbecue just the fact that he spent 2 hours searching where the smell was coming from.

It's too bad as I lost my sense of smell. I bought one perfume when I was in Geneva but when the time I used it I could not smell anything. I also went to Saks Fifth Ave to buy perfume, I can't smell either but at other times, the perfume I thought has no smell, I smell the fragrance. I began to worry as loss of smell is an early sign or Alzheimer;s disease. My sense of smell comes and go.

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