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What you should know about Pancreatitis?

This disease can either be acute or chronic. Pancreatitis means the pancreas is inflamed. The pancreas can be inflamed if digestive enzymes build up inside and begin to attack it. Acute pancreatitis usually causes severe pain that comes on suddenly, starting in, or around the area of the navel and radiating to the back.

The pain gets worst by movement and relieved by sitting, and maybe accompanied by both mild nausea and vomiting or sometimes severe. Other symptoms may include excessive abdominal gas pain and distention and the pain maybe described as burning or stabbing; fever, sweating, hypertension, muscle aches and abnormal fatty stools.

Chronic pancreatitis is a condition in which the inflammation has caused irreversible changes in the microscopic gallbladder tissue. Repeated episodes of gallbladder infection and gallstones are often involved. The symptoms of chronic hepatitis are hard to distinguish from acute pancreatitis except that the pains seem to be chronic rather than coming on suddenly.

Chronic pancreatitis is caused by long term alcohol use. If you develop symptoms of pancreatitis, call your Doctor or go to the ER as soon as possible. This is an extremely serious condition that requires medical attention. Consume no alcohol in any form. Your diet must be low in sugar and fat. High sugar and fats are common in pancreatitis. A high level of triglycerides in the blood is a factor in pancreatitis. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. Studies show that there's a distinct link between chronic pancreatitis and smoking. If antibiotics are prescribed, be sure to eat yogurt as it has an acidophilus.

Acute pancreatitis is due to excessive use of alcohol or gallstones. This can also happen as a result of an infection such as Hepatitis A or D or Epstein Barr virus or the use of certain drugs used to prevent seizures, bipolar mood disorder and some medications used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cancer, in rare cases acute pancreatitis maybe caused by injury to the abdomen.

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The Health Guy said...

It is sad when people have pancreas problems such as acute or chronic pancreatitis. Idiopathic pancreatitis may actually be associated with autoimmune pancreatis due to some underlying AID such as Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed in 1979 with pancreatitis and have learned how to overcome the condition. What I do may or may not help others but I share what I do here: Overcoming Pancreatitis

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