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Where to find help if you have computer problem?

Some of the major problems in Internet is about computer problems like how to fix it. Like me when I start blogging I thought I will not survive because I am not good in computer especially in hardware area but thanks god I got help from the expert.

But that is a history in the pass. Many things have been changed like in the Internet, there are sites that caters computer problem both hardware and software problems. I always ask in forum sites if I encounter computer problem like if my installed program is not working. There are lots of expert in the web right now who want to help people who are new in computer.

Computer Help is one of the best forum that can help you because there many members there who are really expert in diagnosing computer whether you are using windows or Linux. The good thing is that the website is will presented and arranged according to problem like if you have monitor problem, you can go direct to such group or thread. If you have problem with your laptop then go straight to laptop thread forum. The forum is complete and I think you will like it very much as you see the importance of asking help from the expert.

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