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The best wine to drink to help lower cholesterol

Cabernet sauvignon contains a higher level of resveratrol is a natural cholesterol fighter- than most other red wines.

Consumers should be aware; however that resveratrol to be effective, two or three glasses of the wine must be consumed daily, not just on weekends or at parties.

Important thing:

The wine should be accompanied by food, which slows the alcohol absorption in the blood stream, drinking your way to a Better Health.

This has been identified by researchers in 1991, at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

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Jess said...

Hi Edward,

Wine is great. Resveratrol also interferes with cancer cell growth.

Check my link to your site if the anchor text is fine with you. You can find it in the sidebar under 'Great Sites'.

Link exchange would be fine since our sites are somehow related.

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