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One of the employees in our company was terminated. Actually he did not expect it because base on present situation it is not likely that the company will reduce its manpower because we lacked manpower in this time where we have lots of maintenance to do because the military or soldiers have a massive training going on. Another reason also is that this guy is very competent in his job according to him. The reason I think was his being arrogant, rude and disrespectful to our boss. Aside from that this guy cause too much trouble in our villa and a liar too.

Since I think that the company needs him very much, he bought lots of things like computer, sound system, furniture and even satellite receiver. Now the problem is he has to send it via cargo which will cost him so much. I told them many times before not to buy too much because these things can be purchased in the Philippines and he will not be bothered and spent too much in terms of transportation.

Buying products in the Philippines will help our country’s economy and you can help generate more jobs too.

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