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Health Benefits of Collagen

Health Benefits of Collagen

Health Benefits of Collagen

For ages, people have searched for a way to fight the aging process. Cleopatra swore by ewe's milk baths. In the 1940's, Hollywood stars used hemorrhoid cream on their skin. More recently, people have taken injections of embryonic fluids as a way of restoring a youthful, wrinkle free appearance. The word "collagen" is derived from kolla, the Greek word for glue. It is the strong fiber that weaves through out the lower layers in your skin, providing the strength and support of your skin needs to fight wrinkles.

As one ages,the body's ability to make collagen diminishes. The quality of collagen in skin, hair, nails, bones and teeth gradually weakens. Soon the collagen fibers lose their moist texture and become rigid. Once that happens, free radicals attach to the collagen strands, making them thick and unyielding. While collagen on the inside is weakened and damaged by free radicals, on the outside the skin is becoming wrinkled, nails are becoming ridged and brittle, and hair is becoming dull and thin.

Part of the natural aging process is related to amino acids levels. No matter how diligent one is regarding diet, ordinary foods and vitamins can not produce the special amino acids collagen supplies.

Today, although there are many sources of collagen as an effective moisturizing ingredients in creams, a new product has been developed which is the only FDA-classified collagen food supplement that fights the aging process. These hydrolyzed collagen supplements are available as chewable wafers and tablets. They help give the body the raw materials it needs to repair its own collagen supply. I doing so, they help fight the natural aging process.

Therapeutic Uses:
1. Grow, repair and maintain healthy skin, bones, muscles, tendon, cartilage, gums, teeth, eye and blood vessels
2. Repair damaged nails
3. Slow down hair loss
4. Thicken hair diameter up to 45%

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