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Dental Floss

Brushing your teeth is not enough. As recommended we must brush our teeth at least twice a day that are normally in the morning after breakfast and at night after dinner. But if you could brush your teeth three times a day then much better.

Cleaning your teeth everyday is hygienic and can save you from diseases which are cause by germs from the mouth. It is also embarrassing to your friends if you have a bad breath which is the result of not brushing your teeth. Another problem is you could develop a tooth delay because of bacteria in your mouth and gums. Gums problem is also a result of poor health habit in brushing your teeth and gums.

Halitosis is also an oral problem. Cleaning your mouth and teeth can save you from diseases and at the same time from bad breathe that can be embarrassing. Brushing your teeth is not enough; you better buy a dental floss which can get extra foods in between of your teeth. Leaving such food particles in your teeth to decay can cause smell and since it is decayed, it could turn into bacteria that may affect your health. The best thing to do is to visit a dentist from time to time.

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