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Dry Lips

Here in Saudi Arabia because of its zero humidity you will experience crack lips and it is normal. My friend bought a vitamin C because he said that he lacks vitamin C so that is why his lips are cracking. Maybe but my first suspect really is that this place has zero humidity. To solve the problem I bought a lip gloss to use for my lips. I just put a little amount and my lips became oily and I did not experience lips cracking.

Not only my lips but my heels too so I applied Vaseline petroleum Jelly on them and I lost my callus. Cleaning your heels and applying a lotion can also prevent cracks.

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edzn said...

try including an all natural alternative to your skin care regimen. Check your current brands against the cosmetics database and know what you are putting into your body. A great lip balm that has been rated by the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) as one of the best lip balms with spf is SanRe Organic Skinfoods Chocolate Kiss, ( http://www.sanreorganic.com/catalog/lip-balms.html ). Check them out online or check the ewg site for other products that dont include extra harmful chemicals.

All natural and organic skin care for your lips

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