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The Famous Pinay Scandal Keyword

Pinay Scandal or Pinay Scandals is one of the famous phrases or keyword now used by Filipinos who want to search for any sex video scandals online that were upload by some maniac individuals who wants to earn by selling them. These scandals were videoed without the knowledge of a girl where she was recorded doing sexual act to her boyfriend or anyone. It could happen to boys too. Some of the videos are really done with consciences by the actors in exchange for money or just for fun.

These phrases or related words are on top of Google and Yahoo search engines. Once could imagine how many internet users are searching scandals using these words. Mindoro scandal was the most famous of all sex scandal in the Philippines then there was a school sex scandal and others followed like raindrops from the sky. Many bloggers are writing about Pinay Scandals with the purpose of changing the image of Pinay. Pinay Scandals is really famous. Whether the purpose of writing this topic is to change the image of Filipina around the world or something else I don’t know. Any as what the others done, blogging about keywords like this will rank down the sites that offer sex videos. This is one of the advantages of blogging, to drop down the other sites that give bad impression or using keywords with bad intentions. When I was using public internet, I saw two teenagers using the keywords to search porno topic in the Internet.

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Jon Limjap said...

There's an existing project for this already:


Lestat said...

hi edward,
You can take (copy & paste) the Pinay Scandals Hitlist

at macuha.com's blog post >> http://www.macuha.com/2007/10/seo/pinay-scandal/

marhgil said...

hi edward! thanks for joining! added this on the list.

Snow said...

Huli man ay naihahabol din. sali ako sa SEO project na ito!


Snow ^_^

Nhoel said...

Hi, just want to send my contribution for the campaign, here's mine: Concern for Filipina

let's all help to push down bad sites!

salamat po!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work sirs!

eton properties

How to get a girl to like you said...

wow...so never record your private "action" with anyone...the consequence may turn out really really dark!

how to get a girlfriend said...

I hope it turns out good! I would wan't a scandal girlfriend like that!

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