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Five foods that should be in your diet

According to CNN health category, these food which we perceived as bad to our health are in fact good according to the latest research. Some of them may look as the source of cholesterol but they were found out to content good cholesterol and with monounsaturated and even good to our heart. Some of them though not so nutritious but contend cancer-fighting minerals and vitamins that we forget and overlook.

1. Peanut butter is one of them. Misconception: we think that this food content too much cholesterol and calories so we have to eat it occasionally. At five major studies, they found out that peanut butter or eating peanut is good to your heart and may lower bad cholesterol level. It helps prevent cardiovascular related diseases. Though it is high in calories and fat but eating a little can make you feel full faster than eating rice cake and pickles.

2. Eggs as we believed that it is high in dietary cholesterol level. In reality, it is rich in choline that will improve memory functionality and development. Women who are pregnant are advice to eat an egg for the development of their baby’s memory or brain. In short, an egg is rich in minerals and vitamins, high in protein and inexpensive.

3. Coffee is believed to be bad for our health because of caffeine. According to studies, it helps prevent two kinds of diabetes. It also sharpens your memory, especially to the older people. It makes you alerts like the eye and hands coordination. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants than the green tea as we were informed. If you want to drink coffee just spread it in a day but not during the night where you want to sleep.

4. Avocado is said to be rich in fat. It might be true but the benefits that you will get overweighed the disadvantages of it. Avocado is good to our heart because it has monounsaturated fats. But according to research the scientist are more interested in cancer-fighting compounds that are found in avocado. It helps fight prostate cancer and this is because avocado is rich in antioxidants. It has beta carotene, Vitamin E, and lutein that fight diseases. It also helps absorb phytochemicals from other food to our body like lycopene from tomato.

5. Mushroom, it is low in low- calorie food with little nutritional benefits too. It is high in potassium than orange and this food bolsters immune system to oppress breast cancer, prostate cancer to decrease tumor size. It has an antioxidant that are not found in other vegetables like L-ergothioneine.

Include green foods in your diet too.

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