I randomly write any topic about health here which I find interesting and informative. Wealth topic is also published here so that you will get some ideas on how to earn money too. Health and Money Awareness are my objectives in writing in this blog.

Health book and Business Magazine

I bought some magazines and book in the airport in the Philippines yesterday and I was excited to read it but because I have lots of entries waiting for my posting I decided to do it next week. I hope by that time I will be free and relax. One of them is a bout herbal and medicine from the award winning write. I will reveal his name too next time. I want to make it sure here that all my post are true and beneficial to my readers so bought this book.

Another is a magazine about investments and business so I could have an overview in what is hot and in the Philippines setting today. Some of the articles there are shared by some of the experts and businessman themselves so I know that they know what they share. What they said are based on their experience and strategy.

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