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Healthy Habits that could prevent Impotence Problem

impotence or erectile dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is quite common among men but they hesitate to consult their Doctors for treatment as they feel uncomfortable to discuss this problem. A good reason that they should discuss this matter to their Doctors it's because impotence can be a sign of serious illness.

Any disorder that impairs blood flow to the penis can play a role, including diabetes, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. Fatigue, smoking, medication side effects or excessive alcohol or cocaine use can also cause impotence, as can hormonal disorders, and nerve damage from trauma or prostate, bladder or colon surgeries.

When you go and see your Doctor most likely the focus of the examination is on the penis, testicles and prostate gland. A test for diabetes or some hormones to check for an imbalance. If it's the hormone testosterone that's giving the problem, testosterone injection of 200 mg. given intramuscular either every week or every 2 weeks as per Doctor's advise. This is a controlled substance and sticky solution. Big needle is needed but not to worry with the injection. A competent Nurse will not give you pain for the injection.

Here are simple tactics to try to minimize impotent problems:

1.0 Cut down on alcohol. Too much alcohol, a nervous system stimulant, can result temporary impotence.

2.0 Keep your cholesterol in check. Studies showed, men with high cholesterol are also at risk of impotence.

3.0 Quit Smoking - The habit leads to atherosclerosis, which decreases blood flow to smaller blood vessels, such as those in the penis. This can affect your ability to maintain an erection.

4.0 Exercise regularly such as brisk walking,& dancing. Research suggests that daily exercise that burns 200 calories can significantly reduce your risk for impotence.

Let's take a look on some medical options that can be beneficial to you

Viagra- This medication helps to open penile arteries, allowing for improved blood flow to the penis, when taken about an hour before intercourse.

Penile Injections such as Caverject or Edex- they are injected into the penis before intercourse to boost blood flow to produce an erection.

Penile Suppositories- (MUSE), Alprostadil pellets can be inserted into the tip of the penis to produce an erection. Studies found MUSE had helped 70% of men who were impotent as a result of prostate-removal surgery.

Support Sleeve- A semi-rigid rubber support sheath fits around the penis to maintain an erection for intercourse.

Construction Bands- These adjustable latex bands are useful for men who can't trap blood in their penises. The band is placed around the base of the penis, preventing blood from flowing out and helping to maintain an erection. Caution though- be sure your partner is not allergic to latex, otherwise it would be a tragedy instead of sublime pleasure.

As what someone had mentioned to me " there's so many ways to skin a cat".

Nothing is hopeless Guys- Just Consult your Doctor. Modern Medicine
of Today can do wonders.

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