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How profitable is house rentals?

We found a good and cheap villa near the city proper and we will transfer there next month. We have a hard time looking for a save and yet the rental is cheap. I believe that a rental which is part of real estate is a good investment because its maintenance is little and yet the return is high and perpetual. Making money trough rental is more rewarding than any business because aside from the money, you help other to have shelter when they have a hard time looking for it. Of course you have to offer the rent with the right price also.

I have a plan already for my house for rental but I need money for the construction. Next year for sure my project will be realized, I hope so. I know that materials are getting expensive every year but my strategy will help me to have a low cost house durable and beautiful. So if you are an OFW, I advice you to start investing in real estate by building an apartment or a boarding house.

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