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Pinakbet (a poor man’s rich vegetable foods) Recipe

Pinakbet Recipe
Pinakbet Recipe is very popular to most Filipinos even if they are not from the North. It is a poor man's rich vegetable foods because most or all of the mix are rich in vitamins and Minerals.

Today our company’s accountant is cooking an Ilocano delicacy called pinakbet which is a combination of different local vegetable in the Philippines like egg plant, squash, string beans, okra, ampalaya with salted fish sauce and grind meat.

All you have to do is cut the vegetable into normal size that you can eat. You can prepare a mince garlic, union, tomatoes slice into small pieces and put it into hot oil one by one. After that, when they are cook with brown color add the meat or shrimps and slated fish sauce to simmer. When the test is okay add the vegetable and wait until they are tender enough and serve.

Of course you have also to taste it if it is okay, if not add salt and mono sodium sulfate or vetsin to taste. try this simple Pinakbet recipe and enjoy your meals.

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