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Private Lessons

Here are some private lessons that you can learn privately. There are many reasons for break up or divorce for couple whom you thought is made in heaven. Men are not born equal, same as women. There are many ways to enjoy marriage life but you need to learn it. It is not instinct like sex but to do sex to let your partner enjoy it. Remember, family is the basic unit of society. If you have a problem like this read the book of India which is Kama Sutra, it is very informative on how to make your partner happy. My Indian friend recommended it to me, that's why I watch the movie itself. But according to him reading the book is more accurate and there is no short cut. There is also a Instructional Sex Videos for you to follow steps by steps. Many erotic videos are made to help couple stay together. There is no better than to satisfy your partner.

If you are single and trying to help our government by not propagating too much, I mean getting marriage is propagating right? Another thing to remember having sex with different partners nowadays is not safe anymore. AIDS and HIV are common and you don’t know you are having sex with infected person. Beware condoms or other contraceptives are not 100% safe. Using Sex Toys to satisfy yourself is safer and more enjoyable. Like me when I was new here in Saudi Arabia I caught my supervisor using a pump to exercise his penis because according to him it small and that his wife was not happy about it. It is common for expatriates here in Middle East to put hams and other silicon to their penis to make their wife home when they return, satisfied. If the men are doing it how much more for the women in fact they use Vibrators to stimulate themselves. Sex is right and it depends on how you view it.

Health is wealth

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