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Certain trees exude a resinous sap from their buds and bark which has antibiotic qualities to protect that tree. It is collected by bees and metabolized with their own secretions. Propolis contains a complex of biologically active vitamins, minerals, and enzymes along with a unique range of flavonoids or cell building components.

Propolis, the name given to this substance by the ancient Greeks, means, “defense before the city.” They believed propolis was used by the bees to depend their hive against bacteria and intruders. For instance, if an intruder such as a mouse enters the hive, it will be stung to death and then covered with propolis. Normally the decaying process would cause serious bacterial contamination. However, the propolis-mummified mouse remains embalmed, preventing contamination.

Antibacterial and antiviral properties found in propolis work to raise the body’s natural resistance to disease by stimulating the immune system. Unlike prescription antibiotics, propolis does not kill the friendly bacteria in the digestive system, which are necessary for the body to synthesize certain B vitamins as well as vitamin K. Use of antibiotics can contribute to a deficiency of these important vitamins.

A strong immune system is the key to protection against disease and infection, cellular destruction and aging. The nutritional activity of propolis has been proven to rejuvenate the immune system. It is effective in helping to deal with a wide variety of illnesses including ulcers, colds, flu, hypertension, and skin conditions.

It must avoid to those allergic with bee sting and other bee products.

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