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Health Benefits of Sea Cucumber

sea cucumber
Sea cucumber which has health Benefits is marine animal with elongated, tubular body, found in all seas of the world at all depths, usually lying on the ocean bottom on its flattened side. It is classified in the class Holothuridea of the phylum Echinodemata.

Trepang is the Malay word, referring to cooked, dried and smoked sea cucumbers, and Malaysians consider it to be a delicacy. In the Indian and pacific oceans , primarily in Southern Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia approximately 25 to 30 species are made into trepang and are eaten.

It is generally used as soup base. Sea cucumbers have bee harvested for 1,000 years and are marketed in Asia, USA and other countries. Sea Cucumber are also revered as aphrodisiacs in the Far East. Some suggest that many health problems and disorders can be prevented by eating sea cucumber. It is the marine organism’s defensive toxin that may be useful in treating some human diseases. Sea cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties reportedly 25 times more powerful than aspirin. According to research done in 1992 at the University of Queensland, Australia, it is a potent antiarthritic. Sea cucumber is broadly used in homeopathic remedies.

Here are some of therapeutic or health benefits or uses of sea cucumber:
• Many types of arthritis
• Tendonitis
• Sports injuries
• Join pains

Indeed Sea Cucumber has many health benefits. Maybe in the near future its importance will be mainly use by humans.

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