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Things that you should know about High Blood Pressure

Being tense or nervous will not give you high blood pressure. Nervousness may cause a short term rise in blood pressure because of the adrenaline response. Your blood pressure is variable. it doesn't remain constant. It can fluctuate as much as 20-30 points a day. Your blood pressure is at highest during the early morning hours- just before and as you awaken and also as when extra blood is needed such as when you exercise.
High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can change with the weather. Generally, your blood pressure drops during hot weather or when you are perspiring a lot. Warm weather causes blood vessels to dilate- and that lowers the blood pressure. Excessive alcohol consumption can increase risk ( about 3 to 5 drinks daily) can raise blood pressure over the long term. Reason for that- though large amount of alcohol may dilate blood vessels, drinking also increases the heart rate, which raises the blood pressure, and cancel the dilation effect. Alcohol can also affect certain hormone that regulate blood pressure.

Sex will not dramatically affect hypertension. Though sex can raise blood pressure temporarily- particularly with a new or unfamiliar partner-just minutes after the peak at orgasm, it will drop back to levels equivalent to or lower than before. Exercise is good but not all kinds- Isometric (pushing) exercise, like weight lifting (free weights or weight machines) should be avoided by anyone with high blood pressure or heart disease. Tightened muscles constrict blood vessels and can raise blood pressure.

Losing weight is the most effective non drug method to reduce high blood pressure.Excess weight increases the volume of of blood in the body, constricting blood vessels and putting extra demands on the heart, which elevates blood pressure. Good nutrition can help keep levels on line. It's never too late for a lifestyle changes that can lower a man's risk of heart disease and premature death even when the changes start in middle age or golden years ( the seniors).

An initial blood pressure reading starts at about age three and again during adolescents, If your blood pressure is normal during this period, it should be rechecked every 2-3 years throughout your adult life.

Many people with mild hypertension ignore the problem or fail to spot it soon enough through medical check ups. The danger lies by the time hypertension causes medical complications, heart health has already been put at risk.

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