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Time for beauty secrets

Here are some cheap beauty secrets that everyone could afford to do. A good face mask being done once or twice a week is an excellent way of trapping or sealing moisture in your skin as it draws impurities and tightening your pores. The tightening power of masks that dry on your skin helps draw the blood to the surface and it helps in the circulation and restores the glow of the skin. This is an important factor particularly if you get older and may be less active.

Here's what you going to do- just remember to use equal portion of each ingredient:

For Dry Skin: Cornstarch with any of these: egg
Yolks, mashed bananas, peaches, avocado, olive
Oil, yogurt, powdered milk, cucumber, sour cream,
Lemon, honey, grated carrots.

For Oily Skin: Cornmeal with papaya, strawberry,
Tomatoes, lemon juice, apple juice, whipped egg white.

For normal skin: strawberries, bananas, egg yolk
Yogurt and mayonnaise.

I remember, a friend of mine, her brother complained why is she putting either avocado or banana on her face and why won't she just eat it. Her brother would comment- " you’re wasting the fruit". But she indeed has a beautiful complexion.

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