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Facts on Venereal Diseases-Gonorrhea and Syphilis

Venereal Disease

Your question was quite amusing. There's no food contraindicated if you have contracted gonorrhea neither to prevent venereal disease. To avoid venereal disease is to refrain having sex with someone you don't know profoundly well. You can only have a venereal disease if someone you had sex with has it. Gonorrhea can be treated by injection ceftriaxone 250 mg. intramuscular. Even if you have been
treated and you resume having sex with someone who has it and was never treated you're going to get it back again. It's easy for men to recognize if they have such problem because of the symptoms, they're sure to seek medical help.

For syhpilis, it's entirely different. You can have it without knowing it.You might have just the flu symptoms and it goes away. With syphilis, it can be diagnosed only through a blood test. Your infection can be determined if you have it for a long time through the titer. For treatment, you receive 3 injections of benzathine Penicillin 2.5 million units intramasuclar. The needle is very long and the substance is milky and sticky. You need one injection every week till you complete the 3 series of injections. If you miss one injection, you have to start all over again.

One think with syphilis if it remains undiagnosed and not treated it could go to your brain and you end up with dementia. It can also damage your heart, your joints and so many parts of the body. One study done long time ago in our clinic and in Japan that syphilis is precursor to AIDS. Through my clinical experience as my Specialty was on all sexually transmitted disease (meaning all tests results positive to STDS were given to my attention and I communicate with the patient for
appointment to be treated and given counseling to encourage partners to get treated and coordinate with the Department of Health - for those who didn't keep appointment for follow up), I found out that those with high titer of syphilis when tested for HIV they were also positive.

Sometimes when you have rashes on your palms, body or sole on your feet, it is best
to have a VDRL test for syphilis as at times that could be an indication that you have syphilis. Just be cautious whom you are sleeping with. Take good care of your pecker. Trying to prove your carnal prowess would end up with a disaster which could
mean death sentence when you end up with HIV/AIDS. I hope I gave you a satisfying answer.

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