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Are you familiar with Gac fruit? It is common in Asian households and has been used for centuries due to its health benefits and for the skin. This fruit is very abundant in South East Asia especially in Vietnam. Using a natural products is very safe than using those products from laboratory because it has no chemical added rather a natural from plant or herb so you don’t have to worry for overdosed and or misusing it. Vietnamese are known for their limpid skin that many western people are opted to marry people from Asia. It can help your skin from free radical that will damage your skin inside and out. You will have a beautiful skin that glows. No need for you to listen to those beauty commercials on television.

R.G. Skin Revitalizer is the best kind to use for skin revitalizer and improve your skin texture. Since it has Beta Carotene that is very important in our skin, natural carotenoids that help boost our immune system so it is also for well being. Gac or Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng is popular in Vietnam and looks like a cantaloupe that has a bright red color. Because of the anti-oxidant property it helps your skin cellular rejuvenation. Carotenoids is a pigment that helps plant against the sun so it is also helpful to our healthy skin as well.

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