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How to protect yourself from dollar drop?

I experienced lately that my dollar money is shrieking. Could you imagine I lost lots of money because of this trend? I used to divide my money in half, half for my peso account and half for my dollar account and right now I lost money because dollar is sliding. Anyway I am waiting for the new USA president to be elected as I expect the democrat will win after Bush term. If Hillary Clinton will win then I think the dollar will bound back. I have observed this that if republican is in the White House, the US economy is not performing well, while if the president is democratic, the economy is better.

Anyway here are some strategy to avoid losing your dollars according to Money.com :

1.0 Buy a foreign currency. Since other currency is stable then why not buy them like Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar or Euro.

2.0 Invest in Gold. Gold is appreciating at very fast rate.

3.0 Buy Mutual Fund or Stock from outside the USA investment.

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