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I discovered a Banaba

Yesterday I opened my traveling bag because since I arrived almost a month ago I did not opened it until we transfer from our old Villa which the company provided for us to our new Villa near the Zouq or market. Maybe because I don't have anything for my co-employees here and I told them that it was a rush decision to come back here again. They understand me.

Last week I suffered a UTI problem and I have a hard time urinating and we have a problem with the transportation in going to the hospital because of new policy in our company. So maybe because of extra time that I did nothing I decided to open my baggage which is full of clothes, books, CDs and other things until I found what I needed most, a pack of Banaba tea bags, I used one of the bags this morning and drink it. Banaba is known to cure kidney stone problem, gall bladder and sugar level problem. It is already marketed in Japan, Korea and United States today. It is already proven by scientists that it can prevent or cure those diseases that I mention earlier.

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