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I have three blogs now

Today I have three blogs now which I maintained. I just add the third one three days ago and it is from Wordpress. I explored what the Wordpress can offer so I have not used some of its tools like photo because it has different style from blogspot. Right now you need to maintain many blogs because of what Google are doing to people who accept payment from blog advertising offered by advertiser. I don't care though what happened to my pr because it is an opinion so if they don't like your blog they could put a zero rate period.

Let's accept it bloggers is sweeping the cyberworld like a storm. This is the reason why some other giant Internet business is getting angry. Many of us blog for money and earn a living by doing it. So blogging is here to stay. If you want your 2008 be a good year so join the wagon and create your own blog. Make it a hobby to write anything which interest you. Get paid to blog, there are enormous opportunities around so just be prepared for the next year blogging boom.

If you are a businessman, advertise on blogs, it is far better than ppc or pay per click because blogging has credibility and opinions from users and people who knows and studied the products. Smorty is one of the best site that unites advertisers and bloggers around the world.

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