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Over fatigue

Today I am very tired because we did an overtime transferring properties from old villa to our warehouse. It is really a tiresome job to do, lifting heavy washing machines and refrigerators. Sometimes I felt very sad because some of us are not really helping. If only we still have the Filipino value which is to help one another, but it seems to me that this value is already gone or forgotten in our present time.
Over Fatigue

But if you are tired doing nothing then you are lazy or maybe you have a health problem. Don't ignore it, visit your doctor immediately, you might have a heart problem. Feeling tired without a reason is something we must care. If you are anemic, you better ask your doctor too for vitamins prescription. Eat plenty of vegetables and exercise.

Manage your stress to avoid fatigue and eat the right foods.

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Tired Boy said...

Lifting heavy objects can be very tiring so take time to relax yours muscles. Do some stretching too.

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