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UTI or Urinary track infection

Three days ago I get the stone that came out when I urinate in the morning. I felt relax and active. What a relief after a week of not urinating well. The pain that I felt that I could concentrate with my job is now okay. My UTI started in 1992 and sometimes I experience it but sometimes I don't feel it. So lately I experience it mostly until I undergo an x-ray and ultra sound which they discovered that I have three little stones in my kidneys and the doctor advice me to drink medicine so they will be dissolved.

I drink those drugs and some of the stones went out and lately the hospital told me that they are gone. I drank plenty of water and even drink herbal tea which is Banaba. There are many health benefits of banana aside from dissolving stone. I don't know which medicines did help me but I suspected that they all help my problem. Right now I stop drinking softdrinks and drink plenty of water everyday.

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