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Where to buy car accessories?

My friend who live now in Canada is fun of car. He has an old car model which he used until now when he visit Philippines every year. Last year he had a total make over of his car by overhauling it and putting new accessories like billet grille, lights, horn, wind shields, mirror, and other glasses. I could not believe when he said that they are very cheap because they look very expensive. Right now he could earn double the original price of his car. Who would think that it is very cheap and very old already. It could not pass for a vintage collections but still I think, it is in how you decorate your car that matters.

As a car lover he has no plan to sell it, in fact he said he would add his collections if he has extra money. Buying spare parts and accessories online has save him lots of money plus he is happy with the quality and customer service.

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