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Bad foods-most people think are good

Avoid these foods because they are not good for the health. We must be aware of what we are eating especially if we want to maintain our weight. It is better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they are natural and has no preservatives.

Don't eat foods that are highly process foods like bacon, sausage and other meats. Cheese and related foods are not also healthy.

Here are some of the foods that we think are healthy but are not:

APPLE JUICE - Very sugary. Unlike orange juice, it doesn't contain vitamin C unless it's fortified. Can cause diarrhea in some youngsters.

COTTAGE CHEESE - Contains about 40% fat by calories with a little calcium found in most dairy products. There's still not a lot of calcium.

CREAM CHEESE- As fatty as butter or margarine but with little dairy calcium. Also low in protein.

ICEBURG LETTUCE- Has little Vitamin A and Vitamin C and is low in fiber. Better is romaine lettuce.

MUFFINS - May contain more fat and calories than the donut or Danish they are
meant to replace.

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