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Camote- Platelets and Dengue Fever

Camote Leaves
As I gather a person with dengue fever has a high platelet count. When platelet accumulate in a blood vessel in can form into a blood clot called a thrombus. Blood clots normally form only in response to injury. In some people however, there is tendency for clots to form in the blood vessels without apparent cause. Disturbed blood flow as a result of the presence of fatty deposits-atheroma-inside the blood vessels increases the risk the blood clot travels to the brain and you end up with a stroke and to the heart and you end up with heart attack.

One of the health benefits of "camote" it reduces "heart stroke". Research concluded in their analysis that "camote" showed that they rank as the richest source of Vitamin C and vitamin C offers some protection against coronary heart disease and "camote" also has higher content of potassium. Thus it would appear that sweet
potatoes such as "camote" are beneficial for the heart when consumed without fat and either baked or boiled. Camote are also good in removing heavy metals from the body such as cadmium, copper and lead. It is an easily digestible food and is good for stomach ulcer and inflamed condition of the colon and last but not the least, "camote" can be a gout remedy. You can use method as for the dengue fever, boiled the camote tops or boiled the unpeeled camote for 30 minutes, cool and strain the liquid and drink several cups at a time. The pain subsides within minutes.

Here's a recipe for a "camote pie or pudding". I don't have the exact measurement as I play it by air. Mashed cooked camote, mixed together cream cheese and condensed milk and beaten eggs and mixed well with mashed "camote". Spices may include: cinnamon, lemon rind, nutmeg and a little salt. You can either put ground ginger or Vanilla. It depends on your choice of flavoring.

If you want it to become a pie, just put them in a pie crust and bake for one hour or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. For a pie, you can add a little evaporated milk for consistency. For pudding put it in a baking pan but spray first the baking tins of cooking spray or just plain oil or melted butter. To make it more fancier add in your mixture "sweetened macapuno strips" from the bottle or perhaps "langka strips", the ripe one or anything you would love to add.

One of the anticoagulant drugs is aspirin and I could just guess that the camote tops might have some components that boost the action of plasmin, an enzyme in the form of fibrin that bind the clot together. This allows the accumulated platelets to disperse, and restore normal blood flow. Camote tops are good for salad. Boil camote tops. Pour with vinegar mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper and little sugar.

In Butuan, we are blessed with different types of camote as we have them in yellow, purple and the regular one with red skin. They come on different shapes as well. Our "kalamay" and the best one is made of 'camote" and glutinous rice flour and coconut milk and sugar or "kinogay".

Indeed there are many health benefits of sweet potato or camote so better eat them now beside it is sweet and health to our body.

3 reaction:

Anonymous said...

i think you have it the other way around. dengue causes blood platelets to plummet. not sure though. but that's what i remember from my class:) best wishes:)

Manish Chandra said...

Platelets count decreases immensely in Dengue fever. Article begins with the other way assumption.

junreyes said...

Yeah its the other way arround.. might as well cause double jeopardy to dengue patients for more bleeding based on this article for camote...

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