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Drugs often overprescribed, misused or abused by patients - inadequately monitored by Doctors

Drugs Abused

ULCER DRUGS- ( Zantac and Tagamet)

These best-selling drugs work great- if you have an ulcer. The problem is- they are prescribed in large doses. But most ulcer patients fare very well a few months on half the dosage, and some can stop taking the drugs after two months once the ulcer quiets down. If the ulcer recurs(and many won't) the drug can be resumed. And what makes it worse problem- these drugs are widely prescribed to people with
mild heartburn, indigestion or other vague, poorly defined abdominal pain not due to
an ulcer. These conditions are often "self-limiting". They get better by themselves in
a few days. Better avoid pepperoni pizza and beer.

CHOLESTEROL- LOWERING DRUGS- (Lopid, Mevacor, Colestid and Questran).- These relatively new drugs are helpful to patients
with extremely high cholesterol levels, especially in combination with a low-fat diet, regular exercise and weight control. But studies showed that many patients do well with diet and exercise alone. The problem is the drugs are very expensive and can cause side effects, such as gastrointestinal problems, and the effects of their long-term use are still unknown but recently it was known that any cholesterol lowering drugs can affect the liver. It is worse due to recent "cholesterol hysteria".

This cholesterol- lowering drugs are being widely prescribed to people whose cholesterol levels are not high to warrant drug treatment, and for whom they are ineffective. They are even counterproductive if people who believe they are controlling their cholesterol by taking a pill avoid diet and exercise.

As people age, their sensitivity to certain drugs increases, their livers become less able to metabolize drugs, they generally have more body fat in which drugs can accumulate and their kidneys are less efficient at clearing drugs from the system. Older people tend to use more than one prescription medication compared to younger
people and they are more likely to have an adverse reaction to a drug or combination of drugs.

Whatever your age, ask your Doctor to monitor your medications closely and aim for fewer drugs at a lower dosage.

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