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The Electrical/health connection

Electric razors may heighten leukemia risk according to a scary new study --
but they aren't the only electrical appliances that could cause cancer. Batelle Institute authoritative study showed that men who used electric shavers more than 2 1/2 minutes a day were twice likely to get leukemia as those who didn't.

Here's what you can do:

Limit exposure time -or maintain a safe
distance from the following sources of electromagnetic fields:

When you use electric shavers, use it only if in a rush or away from home. For hair
dryers- minimize home use. For professional users, you should avoid holding at chest
heights. Minimize use of massagers/vibrators.
For microwave ovens- pregnant women should avoid using while in front of these. All users should stand at least three feet away. Have a technician check oven door seal periodically for radiation leakage.

For laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers- should be at least four to six feet from the nearest worker's desk- pregnant women should avoid use entirely.

For electric blankets- Discard those made before 1990. Look for new models that emit no electro-magnetic radiation or turn on blanket an hour before bedtime to warm bed, then turn off and unplug blanket before getting on.

For TV to find a safe distance get a portable AM radio. Tune in to a spot between stations to get static... turn up volume... turn on TV and holding the radio two to three feet away-- back up until static starts to fade.

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