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Fly High

This is the dream that will never come true. I am passed 30 so I can’t go back to school and study flight attendant which is my childhood dream. If you are young and plan to be on the airplane always but being a pilot is not your dream then look for flight attendant school and fulfill your dream. I myself was not able to study this kind of job because we are poor and my parent could not afford to send me to this kind of schooling so I end up as an engineer, not bad anyway.

A flight attendant career is more challenging and fulfilling. You will meet many people from different walk of life. You will have a fast pace life crossing the globe in just hours. Breakfast in Hong Kong and dinner in Paris, how’s that? Indeed it is very rewarding with seeing and meeting diverse culture.

Here you could find and read about the life of attendants like for example where they are going or where did they go. It also features some of the experience like meeting new people and visiting new place. At flight attendant blog, read lots of attendants day to day experience on how they handle day to day pressure. Many of them share their famous or popular moment like helping the passengers arranged their pack and handbag inside the closet.

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