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Good foods that can be bad for you


Blood-sugar- sensitive type of person who experience a temporary lift from sugar followed by fatigue should be cautious about fruit juices. Six ounce of apple juice contain the equivalent of more than 5 tbsp. of sugar- 40% more sugar than a chocolate bar. Better eat a whole apple or orange instead of drinking fruit juices.

Non dairy substitutes often use on low fat diets, usually contain coconut oil which has higher fat content than most dairy products.

Decaffeinated coffee can lead significant stomach acid secretion causing heartburn
and indigestion in many persons. People experiencing ulcer symptoms, heartburn and dyspepsia should avoid decaffeinated as well as regular coffee.

Most commercial alternative to salt are based with potassium chloride which helps enhance the flavor.Excessive potassium and salt are bad for your health. INSTEAD use
Mrs Dash as it has a blend of 14 herbs and spices.

Iodine- a natural ingredient of many foods can bring flare ups of acne. Excess of iodine is excreted through the oil glands of the skin, the process that irritates the pores and causes inflammation.

Chronic diarrhea, gas and other stomach com- plaints are often linked t o lactose intolerance, the inability to digest milk. Among the offending foods are milk, ice cream,chocolate, soft cheese, some yogurts, and sherbet. Lactose is also used
as filler in gum, candies and many canned goods.

People on low sodium diet should check out tap water as a source of salt intake ( like water in Butuan-maparat). They are not advisable to people with heart problems or hypertension.

Health-food candy is really no better for you than traditional sweets. They contain the same calories as the regular candies. The fat content is often as high or higher.The natural sugars in health bars have no nutritional advantage over refined sugars.

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