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Heal the world

I am planning to join United Nation but I don’t know why I could not get a chance to work for charity and as a volunteer in helping our less fortunate people especially in Africa and some part of Asia. The world is not really balance while there are people who drown with their wealth; there are also people at the other side of the world with no food to eat and no clean water to drink. My friend told me that even if you are not able to visit different part of the world to serve these people still you could make a change or difference by sharing your skills and knowledge online. There are websites that cater for the need of different countries like making a website for them or better make a campaign to raise money and sent it to them.

One of the examples I saw in TV is the family in America were sending money to Kenya or Somalia and bought some goats and other animals for the poor family to raise and care. Some people out there just need a capital to start their own livelihood program which they could not start because they don’t have money to begin with. Joining a non profit organization is rewarding too if you care what most of the people forget to care.

At PlanetAid you will help maintain and care our world too by cleaning the environment that are now full of garbage and waste materials that cause global warming. We need to educate our people so that we can avoid a catastrophic event that will happen unexpectedly. Many of us does not care about mother Earth, we cut trees, threw garbage in our river that can cause flood, using chemical that can damage ultra violet rays that will cause global warming. We also engage in industries that produce pollution and toxic that is bad to our health.

We can start a campaign by planting a tree in our own garden and covering the whole country.

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