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Health benefits of Corn

Health Benefits of Corn
Consider this, the kernels, the cob, the cornsilk and the meal and the starch made from the kernels are therapeutic. Health benefits of corn is enormous. When corn is frequently consumed in the diet, either fresh, canned or popped, cholesterol levels go down and bowel movement increase. Soft, boiled corn grits are good to eat every day in case of kidney problems especially where kidney dysfunction is the cause of swollen legs from lack of urination.

Cornmeal makes a great facial, opening all the pores and freeing from the dirt and oils. Just wash the face daily with it instead of soap. Cornstarch makes a dusting agent for relieving diaper rash and poison ivy and also insect bites and stings. A handful of cornstarch to a tub of lukewarm water would be beneficial to bathe chicken pox, measles, mumps and hives.

Cornstarch is also good to stop diarrhea fast. Just add 1-2 level tsp cornstarch to a glass of cool water or coke ( coke is good for abdonal cramps when you have diarrhea.) This correct the problems in a couple of hours. Corbcob Tea is excellent for treating abdominal swelling, edema in the ankles and wrists and gout in general. Cover fresh corncobs (about 2-3) with enough water to cover by 2". Cook on low heat for an hour then strain and cool. Keep in the fridge, drink 2-3 cups a day till problem subside. Cornsil Tea is one of the finest remedy for a weak and poorly functioning kidneys or kidney stones, It can be used fresh or dried. Steep 2 tsp. of cornsilk in one cup boiling water for 20 minutes, strain and sweeten with honey and then drink 1/2 cup lukewarm every 3-4 hours. I drink lukewarm water from the boil fresh corn because I know that there is a health benefits of corn.

So from now on you can enjoy frozen corn kernels (of course you have to cook them first) and pop corn and save the cornsilk when you buy them fresh and make use of the corncob as well. These are the health benefits of corn to our body I hope you will apply it to yourself.

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