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Health benefits of Petunia

Petunia is such a lovely flowering plants and it comes in different colors and sometimes with single and double petals.

You can make use of your petunia plant for a Good Night Rest by making it into a TEA.

Here's how:
Snipp fresh petunia petals and leaves about half a cup and gently brew with 1 1/4 cups of hot water ( not boiling ), uncovered for the space of 25 minutes.
Then strained it with a touch of honey and a drop of vanilla extract, then slowly drink it while pleasantly lukewarm.

It is a popular remedy for restlessness and insomnia by Costa Rican folks. from now on use petunia as tea.

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sam said...

I just discovered ur blog. It is interesting, but if you can find time or ask someone to do some edits, as in the Petunia blog, there are some significant editorial errors you can do away with. I am willing to help you out a bit, but that is as time permits. Cheers.

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