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How to fight Impotence with Diet, without Drugs or Surgery

The same high-fat and cholesterol heavy diet that can cause hardening of the arteries and stroke are prime causes of impotence. The reason for these include: Blood vessels in the penis are damage by arteriosclerosis. Too mucch dietary fat can cause obesity, which can cause diabetes, Diabetes injures penile nerves. Other factors involve: Alcohol temporarily blocks erection; tobacco and marijuana have been linked to impotence. Other prescribed medications for the heart and hypertensions such as diuretics, beta-blockers and anti-cholergenic cause impotence. One antihypertensive drug in particular "aldomet" causes impotence in a large number of patients who take it. Other culprits as well include: antiulcer drugs, antidepressant and drugs (including estrogen) that suppress male hormones.

By age 65, about one quarter of all men, according to studies will find difficulty
or impossible to achieve erection during love making. And only rarely is that impotence truly psychological, and of all 80 % of cases are traced to a poor diet. Most Doctors overlook diet as a possible cause simply because few medical schools teach anything about nutrition.

Here's the diet solution:

1. Limit fat intake to between 5% to 10% of daily calories. Concentrate on grains, beans, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Eating a fatty meal causes men's testos terone levels to drop significantly one to 4 hours afterwards. The researcher believes that if a man eats a fatty meal occasionally, it probably won't affect his sexual performance but if he habitually consumed fatty foods, it may have a negative effect.

2. Try the herbal extract yohimbine, made from the bark of an African tree. Yohimbine decreases blood flow out of the penis. It's available by prescription (Aphrodyne, yocon, and Yohimex) or as natural bark in Health Food Store. Before you submit to drug therapies or surgery for impotence problem, make sure your diet and life style have been fully evaluated. Almost any impotent man can again have erection with the help of a UROLOGIST.

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