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Massage Therapy

massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

Massage therapy or massage is the pressing of hand into the body of the patient or customer. It is one of the oldest therapies dated back thousands of years aside from herbal medicine. There are many records that show massage therapy did exist a long time ago in Greece, Egypt, China, India and another subcontinent. It is also popular in 1800's but a decline in the 19th century due to modern medicine's introduction to the market. In 1970', it became popular again as western are looking back in Asia as the source of alternative medicine.

There are 80 kinds of massage but only a few are popular like:

1.0 Swedish Massage- is a long stroke, kneading, and friction of the muscles and movement of the joint to aid flexibility.

2.0 Deep tissue massage is another kind of massage that uses patterns of strokes and deep finger pressing to the muscles where tight and knotted focusing the tissue layer under the skin.

3.0 Trigger Point Massage is another kind massage that is more on pressure on the point. The massage uses strokes but applied deeper, a more focused pressure that will result in pain when press.

4.0 Shiatsu Massage is the most popular today and the therapist applies different and rhythmic pressure from the fingers on part of the body that believed to be a vital flow of energy.

There are many massagers around but it is better to look for a certified massage or physical therapist.

Avoid massage therapy if you have these diseases or disorders:

1.0 Cancer
2.0 damage blood vessels
3.0 taking blood thinner
4.0 osteoporosis
5.0 Fever
6.0 blood clot in deep veins
7.0 any of the following like tumor, open wound or healing wound, damaged nerves, inflammation from radiation and acute inflammation.

More or less consult your doctor first before having a massage especially to a pregnant woman. Have a blood pressure monitors gadget to check your blood level.

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