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New Diet Strategy | lose weight easily

lose weight easily
My target this year is to lose weight and have an athletic body because I will attend a special event. It will be my best friend wedding hehehe and I don’t want to look stupid or a backdrop to such special occasion.

My problem is food, you know I am a voracious eater and love pasta too much. I don’t know if I have food problem but as I observed I don’t eat too much. I must agree that I lacked physical exercise because I hate cold weather. I will have to change these things that I have. I tried it before but I sacrificed foods like not using oil, small amount of sugar and salt. I drink plenty of water. I think there must be other way to lose weight without sacrificing the foods. I have tried eating to much fruits and vegetables which are enjoyable. With having a problem in Urinary Track Infection I think I must slow down in salt and other acidic fruits that will form calcium oxalate. My doctor told me to refrain from mango, strawberry my favorite, tomatoes and related fruits. I said that I don’t eat such kind of fruits except tomato of course because I used it for cooking because of benefits it has to our heart. Strawberry is seldom because it is seasonal fruit. I don’t like dairy products like milk and cheese and their kind. My solution is to drink plenty of water to wash those foods out in my body. Water has no side effect after all.

I found another way to do my dieting. I have read many books about it but you need to deprive yourself from foods and do lots of sweating out. I hate it but they said that no guts no glory or no pain no gain so I have to go away from my comfort zone. I found a program which is good for twelve weeks and I don’t have to sacrifice anything like the taste of foods, no calorie count and I can eat anything like desserts and many tasty meals. So how is that? Many testimonials have been written about this program. Delicious dieting is I think the best dieting program today. What is good with this program as I read is that, almost all of the ingredients are available in your local market.

Another pitfalls about dieting is depriving yourself to delicious foods that is why you will eat like a machine after the program that will result in gaining weight again.

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