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Offshore Financial Services

I found a site that will interest you if you are a big company or small one that need third party to do some important financial service. Today offshore service is common and on the rise because of the Internet. Now if you are a competent Accountant or financial adviser, you can apply at www.accountancyjobsabroad.com and be employed from your own home. This is a rare opportunity to anyone who could live in some of the best location in the world which is tax free and exotic too. Many big companies especially in Middle East are inquiring about the services that this company can offer. Even big companies from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China are interested.

Press Release:
Accountancyjobsabroad.com has experienced a boost to its 2008 plans by acquiring several clients in the Middle East region. The business since its inception in October 2007 has principally signed clients from the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. However mirroring the expansion in the GCC region in general, the company has experienced a number of enquiries from the Middle East from companies who wish to recruit finance professionals and accountants.

The web based financial recruitment consultant has also seen an ever increasing requirement for talented finance professionals from the UK Channel Islands, namely the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. Director Mike Williams commented “…as companies consider their staffing requirements for 2008 we have been contacted by a number of new and dynamic companies who are finding that traditional bricks and mortar recruitment consultancies are not offering the right amount of flexibility to service their needs. We are finding that our tailor-made recruitment solutions fit their requirements perfectly and as such we are looking forward to an exciting 2008 as are many of our prospective employees who we will be placing in exciting and prosperous locations.”

The company continues to expand in Bermuda and the Cayman Island, and also the company is developing potential clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. The company plans to have vacancies in each of these countries by mid-2008.

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