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Take good care of your hair

Hair loss is one of the problems most people face today in the world of vanity. Many people want to look young and good looking. We can’t stop the time but we can slow down the process of going bald. Hair as what we know called the crowning glory of everyone. Having a thick hair will make you look younger and attractive. Until now there is no way you could cure baldness but you can slow the process or prevent it by correct diet and exercise. Baldness has to do with testosterone. According to some observation, a man without genital is not prone to baldness like the one who is castrated.

Many of us use hair loss products believing that it is the right product because the salesman said so. Don’t you know that if you use the wrong product, it will hasten the falling of your hair? My cousin who was as young as in thirties went completely bald because he used the wrong will advertised product, claiming to be the best around. To see is to believe, call me a doubting Thomas but I want to be sure that what I will use is not dangerous to my health and skin. You can rewind time if you get mistake using a product that is not effective and more, it is dangerous.

Eating the right foods and exercise will help prevent the baldness. Stay away from fats because it will increase testosterone level which will lead to baldness. You should also maintain correct vitamins like complete Vitamin B like Biotin, Folic Acid, copper, iron, zinc, iodine, protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, silica and fatty acid with lots of water.

One of the best recommended pills that are known today is Provillus. There are many people who recommended as the best. In fact it rank number one with 86% recommendation from users. Why would you try other products that no one is endorsing it? The provillus review is important to everyone who wants to be sure that what they take is effective and not harmful to their body.

My last advice is to take good care of you hair as much as you take good care of your other body parts. Prevention is better that cure.

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