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What you will do if you have Flu?

If you're one of the victim of Flu. This is what you are going to do:

1. Rest

2.Take aspirin. Note: instead of aspirin, children under 16 yrs old should take an analgesic that contain acetaminophen- tylenol etc.

3. Use humidifier to thin lung secretions so they can coughed up more easily.

4. Drink fluids - at least 8 glasses a day.

5. Take a cough medicine that contains dextromethorpan- for a dry, hacking cough.
When to call a Dr. if you are 65 yrs old or under 5 yrs old, anyone with chronic heart and lung disease, including asthma, people with diabetes, cancer, chronic kidney disease or anemia like sicle cell. Others should contact their Doctors if their fever does not drop after 3 days.

6. Don't smoke- Smokers are much more susceptible to the flu than the non smokers.

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