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Are you insured and safe in your work?

There are many workers today who are exposed in work related danger and the problem is they are not insured or even if they are insured they have a hard time claiming their compensation. Injuries during working hours and cause by other and not your fault should be paid. This also include diseases that you acquired as a result of chemical in your work area like asbestos and other chemical that cause you skin problem and even asthma. Another thing is like for example you loss hearing capability due to noise induce hearing loss then you should be compensated as well.

Accident Claims can be done right now without any money involve. You will only pay if you win the case but will cost you nothing if you don’t win. Make a claim now and let the company pay you for their fault that cost you, your life. Protection from work should be a priority in every company to avoid accident and damage to their man power. Life is very important that even money can’t buy.

When my father passed away we have a hard time taking his burial benefits that I even scolded the person in charge of the claim. This is sometimes a long process but you have to be patient and strong to depend yourself. If they will not pay your, do legal steps that will force them to pay after all it is their fault that resulted to your misery.

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