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Health Benefits of Bitter Melon or Ampalaya | Bitter Gourd

bitter melon
Bitter Gourd- bitter Melon- Ampalaya
Health Benefits of Bitter Melon or bitter gourd can be achieved by eating it raw.
Here's the salad combination for bitter melon or bitter gourd:
Bitter melon(ampalaya or bitter gourd), tomatoes and red onions.

Cut bitter melon or bitter gourd into cubes or whatever style you want it and squeeze with salt and rinse with cold water and drain.

Cut up the tomatoes the way you want it as well as the red onions.

Toss them and combine with salt and sugar and pepper to taste.

To make it fancier, for people in the Philippines, you can add tambis or wax apple if it's in season or raw mango or papaya or pineapple tidbits drained or singkamas and also you can add section of "suha "-(Pomelo). Don't throw the juice of the pineapple, put it in a blender, add a banana, a little condensed milk and lots of ice cubes and you have a smoothie.

In United States, you can add to your bitter melon or bitter gourd salad either some strawberries, Indian mangoes or seedless grapes and pineapple chunks. Monitor your Blood Pressure and see how it helps drop down.

Remember that bitter melon (ampalaya or bitter Gourd) brings down triglyceride and cholesterol more so with the tomatoes where it has loads of health benefits.

Bitter Melon or bitter gourd is indeed good for bringing down cholesterol and right now this vegetable is now available in capsule for you to take for diabetes problem. In the Philippines this bitter gourd or bitter melon is known as ampalaya and cook with beaten egg to taste better. The young leaves sprout is also good with mongo beans. Feel the health benefits of bitter melon or bitter gourd today by eating it raw or as a viand. 

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