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High Blood can cause dizziness

Lately my three colleagues and I felt dizziness and since we ate beef most of the time lately because of the cold winter climate, we suspected that we have hyper tension. So one day I went to the hospital to check my blood pressure but to my surprised I was 90/70 only. I could not believe it but I realized that maybe or now I think the reason of our headache and dizziness is over exposure to the monitor of the computers. We always go online for chatting and blogging that we forget, we already spent almost whole day facing the monitors.

You know what I am trying to say is that you must make it sure to consult doctors to make it sure that you are healthy. Good that I am felt dizzy because of the computer. What if I was really having a hyper tension? There are many reasons why a person will feel dizzy and one of them is hyper tension. Anemic can also make you dizzy. Other cause of dizziness is having a fever, flu and even pregnant women will feel dizzy. Don’t take it for granted, consult your doctor or buy a high blood pressure monitor.

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