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Drinking 8 glasses of water

This week I felt something bad about my back. I felt pain at my back up on my butt and it is a symptom of kidney stone so I drink lots of water since this morning and always going to the toilet to discharge, I mean to urinate whatever it is called. I drank more than eight glasses of water because I want to clean my system for eating too much meat (beef) and less vegetables this week.

The health books and other expert on health, advice us to drink plenty of water at least eight glasses to avoid dehydration. Our body is more than 80% water so we need more water to sustain water on it. But it could either be pure water or other source of liquid like juice and soft drinks. By the way avoid soft drinks as it content acid which is bad for kidneys. Anyway I just followed this advice because I am on UTI medication. The more water in our body the more that we could avoid UTI or kidney stone formation. UTI stands for Urinary track infection in case you don't know.

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